Gospel readings and new Bible study group

From January to April 2021 we’re reading one chapter each day from the four Gospels — the four accounts of Jesus’ life in the New Testament. We’re spending a season in the Gospels, reading the Bible together and talking together about what God is saying to us through his Word.

We’re starting with Matthew chapter 1, on 11th January 2021, and reading one chapter every day until we finish with John chapter 21 on 9th April. Here’s the reading plan┬áif you’d like to join us!

Each Tuesday evening, we’ll meet on Zoom (or before too long, God willing, in person!) to spend some time catching up, discussing the seven chapters we’ve read since last week, thinking and praying together about what God has said in the Bible, and figuring out how to apply this to our own lives and to the life of the church.

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday 19th of January at 7.30pm, and the Zoom link to join will be posted here closer to the time.