Prayer for the Nation

Day 1

Father, we pray that those who lead our country would govern with integrity. Grant them wisdom to make good decisions and the conviction to implement them. Amen


Day 2

Lord, where there is division in our land let your Church proclaim the reconciling love of Christ, where there is hatred let your peace reign. Amen.


Day 3

God our Provider, in the midst of economic uncertainty we pray for those whom making ends meet is a daily struggle, please supply their every need. Amen.

Day 4

Lord, help us as a nation to defend the cause of the orphan and the widow. Let us love and care for the immigrant among us as we love ourselves. Amen.

Day 5

Father, for all those fearful about what the future might hold for our nation, please comfort, protect and guide them. Amen …..

Day 6

God of Love, keep us from hating those we disagree with. Give us the humility to seek to understand and to love those with opposing views. Amen


Day 7

Father God, we pray that you would protect this nation from those who plan evil and violence against us. Please turn them from their error to your truth. Amen.

Day 8

Jesus, King of Kings, we know that there is no political answer to our nation’s deepest needs. May we place our hope in God not man. Amen.

Day 9

Jesus, we pray for an end to the falsehood and ‘fake news’ that corrupts our national life. Instead, may your ‘spirit of truth’ transform this land. Amen.

Day 10

Our Father in heaven, Let your Kingdom Come and your will be done in the United Kingdom as in heaven. Cause our nation to turn to you as Lord and Saviour. Amen.