Reflection for 24 hour prayer weekend

Thoughts on Psalm 8, especially v2.

What a powerful verse. It is empowering for young people and encouraging and challenging for those who are parents or who seek to guide and disciple young folk in their Christian experience.
The psalm paints a portrait of the glory of God being displayed “above the heavens” and as a result His name is magnified on earth, it is majestic. There is nowhere we can go that we are not able to consider God’s glory or magnify and worship His name.

But how does God maintain the honour of His name, how does He ensure it is not brought down, sullied, degraded, disregarded, dishonoured and lost from the consciousness of mankind? It is because of the praise of children and infants. This ties in with Jesus teaching (Matt 19:14, 11:25) and is applied by Jesus in Matt 21:16. The future of the church is not the conversion of adults, tho we must not despise or neglect this ministry. Instead it is the nurturing and discipling of young people in whom the Holy Spirit has moved and brought into a relationship with God.
Implications of this include a) a church with no children or no vision for children is in a perilous position if not doomed b) if we have a youth ministry there will be a significant spiritual battle going on c) God will work in the lives of young people if we bring them to a place where He can minister to them. He will reveal himself to them and bring praises to himself from them. Our role is to faithfully present the gospel to them.
Because of children the psalm goes on to show how we can appreciate God and all His works.
There is also in this verse the idea that because the earth is still sustained, God
is ensuring that there is generation after
generation of children coming to know Him. If this is not happening where we live, because we are unfaithful, then He is moving in other places.