Church meeting 23/02/21

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Below you’ll find the agenda for the meeting, and the text of the proposed amendment to the constitution.

Agenda for the meeting of Stranraer Baptist Church, 23/02/2021

1. Welcome and opening devotion
2. Proposed amendment to the constitution
3. Minutes of last meeting 18/02/2020
4. Reports from:
i. Elders
ii. Treasurer
iii. Maintenance team
iv. Warrior Women
v. Momentum
vi. Children’s ministry
5. Future of Children’s and Youth Ministry
6. Elder candidate: Paul Carnaghan
7. Date of next meeting


The elders and deacons have approved the following addition to the constitution, which we will discuss and vote on at the start of our online church meeting on 23rd February 2021:


Paragraph 1:
In extraordinary circumstances only, the elders and deacons may propose and agree to conduct a particular church meeting, including an Annual General Meeting, remotely by means of the internet, using an appropriate video conferencing service or software.

A remote church meeting shall only be conducted if both of the following conditions are met:

a) it is impossible for a quorum of the membership of the church physically to gather for a church meeting


b) the elders and deacons deem it unwise or inconsistent with good governance to delay or postpone the church meeting until such a time as the church may physically gather again.

Paragraph 2:
The reasons for the decision to conduct any particular church meeting remotely must be minuted at a meeting of the elders and deacons beforehand, and the same reasons must also be minuted at that remote church meeting.

Paragraph 3:
There are some especially significant or sensitive issues which fall under the authority of the church meeting, which, given the limitations of the video-conference as a medium, as a matter of wisdom and prudence, the elders may decide such issues ought only to be raised and discussed at a physically gathered church meeting, to be held as soon as is practicably possible. This may include such issues as;

a. the appointment of office-bearers (pastor, elder, or deacon)

b. issues of church discipline and membership

c. major financial commitments on the part of the congregation.